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Cools down to 37°F

Experience the life changing benefits of cold plunging down to an exhilirating 37°F (3°C). Whenever you want, wherever you want, with ZERO ICE!

Heats up to 107°F

Unwind your body and mind while adding longevity with soothing hot soaks up to a steamy 107°F (42°C).

24/7 Water Filtration + Ozone Sanitation

Tired of daily ice bath water changes? Integrated water circulation, dual-stage microfiltration and natural ozone sanitation systems work continuously to keep your plunge water clean.

Go-Anywhere Portable Design

With a tub that packs into a backpack and a compact all-in-one chiller, you can take personal health and wellness routine with you anywhere!

Simple One-Person Setup

Start plunging in as little as 15 minutes! No moving crew, plumber, or electrician required. It’s as plug and plunge as it gets.

For Indoor and Outdoor Use

Our plunge systems are designed to go anywhere you have access to water and a power outlet.

*not for use in freezing conditions as chiller damage may occur.

Mobile App Controlled

Our Wi-Fi enabled smart chillers allow you to monitor,control, and automate your plunge system using your iOS or Android mobile device. Cold in the morning and hot at night? No problem.


Cold + Hot Plunge Systems as low as $173 per month with approved credit.

Protect and maintain your plunge.

What makes it a Cryospring?

Our Cold + Hot Plunge System is a self-contained iceless cold plunge and hot soaking tub with 24/7 temperature maintenance, water filtration and natural ozone sanitation for on-demand cold or hot soaks at home, the gym, and on the go.

Feature-Packed Portable Tubs

  • Durable drop-stitch construction - 25% thicker than competing tubs

  • Triple-layer padded bottom

  • Sized to fit most spaces and body types - 58”L*32”W*27”D

  • Efficient insulating body + matching locking lid

  • 304 stainless steel chiller connections

  • Easy garden hose drainage

  • Includes travel backpack, high pressure pump/vacuum and skimmer net

All-In-One Smart Chillers

  • Industry leading 1hp of cooling + heating power

  • 37°F-107°F range

  • Integrated water pump for continuous circulation

  • Dual-stage water filtration

  • Natural ozone sanitation

  • Commercial grade construction designed for 24/7 operation

  • Mobile app control

  • Operates on a standard 20amp 110v socket - GFCI built in for added safety

  • Includes a pair of quick-connect hoses, two strainer filters, two 20 micron pleated filters and a filter housing wrench

We’re on a mission to help you thrive!

We build the world’s best portable cold plunge and specialize in customer delight.

Buy with confidence! Our systems are backed with a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee, 1 year warranty and lifetime product support.

Have questions? We’re here to help!

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Best Value

After having a cold plunge that required weekly water changes and daily additions of ice, we couldn't be happier with our purchase. We use it every single morning and it is our solace. To top it off, with two young kids, the lock on the top provides assurance of their safety. The team has been incredibly responsive during the purchase and post delivery! We couldn't recommend more!!

A company that cares, a product that changes your life.

I have nothing but great things to say about Cryospring. They deliver exactly what they advertise and the customer service should be the standard across every company. Communication was never lacking, my order came in super fast after they came back in stock. Not only will you not get a better system for the price but SERIOUSLY, you're definitely not going to get the customer service you get with Cryospring anywhere else. It heats up super fast, cools down super fast, it's built like a tank, it's very portable. What else could you want? I'm beyond happy to have mine and happy to be a lifelong customer. Can't wait to see what you guys do in the future! THANK YOU!

AMAZING Product; Excellent Product Quality!

I will start with how the CryoSpring Product Quality and ease of install and maintenance.

Product Quality:
The tub is so thick and sturdy, and so is the lid! I upgraded the chiller to be able to consistently get to 37-38 F, which it does very easily and often. When I get out of the tub, i put my whole body weight on the sides and they don't budge, I'm about 200#s. I keep my tub in my outside covered barn in South Texas, and it still gets to 37 F even at the peach heat of the day, very impressive. The installation was very easy to follow with the QR Code, and I get everything going in under 30 mins.

The water was clean for about 6 weeks before I changed the water out. I hadn't added any products to the water, but the Cryo Team recommended a natural product that I will start using soon. Removing the water was simple, I just used a bucket. Once I was done with that, I rinsed the tub, changed the filter, and put everything back together again. It really is that simple. Was done in about 30 mins.

Mental Health Benefits:
I have struggles with anxiety and depressive states for over 20 years after my brothers passing. I had never been the same after that tragic event. Well, only after about 6-7 weeks in now, and I will say I feel I can be so present, with little to no anxiety or depressive feelings, and I feel I'm truthfully in a perpetual state of happiness and gratitude. This is the BEST thing I could have ever implemented for increased mood, increased presence, and a SIGNIFICANT decrease in perceived anxiety and depressive states. I feel like I can really enjoy life to it's fullest now, in every regard.

I've been powerlifting for over 15 years now, and I'm 38... So naturally, I constantly had nagging pains in my knees, shoulders, and elbows. I've had a FAR Infrared Sauna for 6 years now, doing all sort of mobility and recovery work on my body, but still had these issues. Now, the only thing I have changed in the last 6-7 weeks was adding the Cold Plunge to my regimen. I feel WAY more limber, and I HAVE NO MORE OF THOSE NAGGING PAINS. I'm not exaggerating here. I feel like this will be a performance enhancer that will help me get that 725# Deadlift I have been chasing for a while now, not to mention likely PR in all my other major lifts.

Mood and Focus:
I just feel great, happy all the time, and with that, I am able to focus on my Wife, Children, and my work WAY easier now. I truthfully feel like I have been given an opportunity to take things in slower and truly appreciate life and all its intricacies. I feel blessed and grateful. This has been life changing to say the least, and my wife has seen a huge change in my persona. I'm back to being the fun loving easy going person she met over 15 years ago.

In conclusion, this is the best investment I've made for myself and my family. I feel so grateful to the CryoSpring Team for answering all my questions along the way and making every step of this process easy and simple.

Great Customer Service

Although, I ultimately did not end up purchasing a tub. I can attest to their customer services. They were extremely, quick to answer questions, kind, informative, and very responsive! I would at very least, recommend their dedication to their intended customers! When I can talk my wife into this purchase, they’ll have my business.


Best Tub on the Market. Great Customer Service. Worth every Penny.

Truly amazing !

So first off this thing is awesome!!! for myself being a dad with kids and many bills. The price is up their and definitely a commitment but I must say it is well built and very durable and also to me it looked very small my first reaction was did they send me a small tub. But man is their room I’m 5”10 and 235 so bigger guy and I fit great in it, it was way more comfortable then the horse trough I was using, felt really spacious! It’s fairly quiet not to loud when circulating water, little louder when fan is on obviously but not bad at all . I’m very pleased with this purchase. And one of the best things was the customer service I received just from instagram alone through messages they where very responsive and helpful through the whole process. It roughly took me about 30-45 min to un box, blow it up, and connect everything. Now that I e done it once I feel it would be quicker if I decide to move it. Which is another plus. About the cryspring if u truly wanted to take this with i on a vacation you could. Again. Great product and awesome !!! Hope this review will help anyone who is looking to cold plunge. I think I’m the long run it will also save money instead of buying ice all the time and having to dump water out every week being it’s filtered. Also a good benifit is my doctor gave a like a prescription to ice bath so that’s a plus as well cause it definitely helps with joint and muscle pain more then one would think it’s so awesome lol thanks again!

Love for at home cold plunge!

We just received our cold plunge and couldn’t be happier. Easy setup and that thing stays at 38F at all times. We’ve done a plunge every day and it’s been super fun to have friends come over and do it too. Highly recommend for anyone wanting to level up their wellness.

The best tub in the market

I am a big fan of ice baths and it’s something I do almost everyday in my daily routine. I have used many tubs before but let me tell you the CryoSpring tub had been the best tub I’ve ever used. For so many reasons.
First it’s portable, I could take it with me anywhere any time. Being 5’1 I’m able to carry it on my back and enjoy the ice plunge even when I’m visiting friends out of the city.
Second it’s made of great insulating material, living in canada I was worried how would I keep my water from freezing at -40°C, and the cryoplunge tub had done the job for me without needing any heater. All I did was covered it with it lid and put a small pump to keep the water from freezing and that was it. Only small blocks of ice would build on top which could break with my hands.
Third and most importantly is that when ice formed on top, after breaking the ice I didn’t have to worry about the remaining of the ice blocks on the edges, since with one tap from outside the tub I was able to release the ice and enjoy the plunge
Fourth it’s quite big and very comfortable. I could fit 3 people my side easily in it. Seriously! I’ve even plunged with a friend who was 6’2. So you don’t have to worry about fitting.
Fifth it comes with a chiller, so no need to worry about cleaning the water or keeping it cold in the summer. The CryoSpring chiller will do its job 100%, this way you will save on water and ice for sure.
Sixth: the support team are the best they answer all your questions anytime and guide you the best way to set up the tub and taking care of it.

It’s 100% recommended to check them out and trust the material.

Cold + Hot Plunge System
Christian Krahenbuhl
Super simple to set up and manage anywhere! Very portable with basic planning.

Coming from DIYers, the wife and I feel that this system is absoltely portable, and the system feels like it is built with higher quality, more permanent installation-style hardware. 1) The cooler/filter component is the heaviest, but is compact enough to be easily be moved by two people, or one stronger person. Operation is quiet as well. We could only hear the fans and pump if we were listening for them. 2) The tub is well made with very durable materials and reminds us of higher quality paddle boards. Being 6' tall, I appreciate the size of the tub as well. 3) The connecting hardware (like the rest of the components) is on the higher quality side based on our experience. The plumbing hardware threads are fine enough that this process does not require substantial hand strength to achieve a secure, watertight fit. Great quality, easy to connect/disconnect and transport ... enjoy your plunge!

Cold + Hot Plunge System

Finally a cold plunge that I can easily transport to events! Cryospring provided 2 amazing tubs for our men’s retreat and the participants absolutely fell in love with this product. This is such a huge upgrade from the other big and bulky plunges and it turns into a hot tub!

Transportable and Effective

Innovative technology and assembly for taking cold plunges and heat exposure wherever you please.

I love the pod

Had the chance to test one of these pods out and it was honestly great. Great product and design.